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Nov.18th Le Méridien Taipei 2F
In the post-pandemic era, technology has spawned new ways to become fully involved in the culture of today. In this diverse world built on multisensory experiences, technology and art can now share never-before-seen perspectives of our social, economic and cultural landscapes. Art and technology challenge, innovate, surpass, and create new cultural memories.
Tea Uglow
Creative Director, Google′s Creative Lab in Sydney
Creative Technologies in the Next Decade
"TTL Uglow (Tea) is Creative Director for Google′s Creative Lab in Sydney. She works with cultural and creative organizations around the world exploring the space between technology and the arts and what can happen where they intersect.
Tea has a history in the arts, a love of literature, and a problem with staying focused. She speaks graphics geek, a bit of web-dev, some Python, a touch of digital strategy, remedial project management, and really bad French. Her likes include physical/digital, pen and ink, and carefully organized chaos doubt. At the moment the ""interests"" list contains: augmented audio, digital books, proximity tech, non-linear storytelling, and the physical web... plus a few things that are less tech-geek like uncertainty, small people, and yoga.In May 2018 Tea was celebrated as one of Australia′s #OUT50 LGBTQ Leaders by Deloitte and in the same month Editions at Play was awarded a Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Award."
Audrey Tang
Taiwan Digital Minister
The First Step of Landing the Internet - From New Normal to Digital Social Norms
Audrey Tang is Taiwan’s Digital Minister in charge of Social Innovation. Audrey is known for revitalizing the computer languages Perl and Haskell, as well as building the online spreadsheet system EtherCalc in collaboration with Dan Bricklin. In the public sector, Audrey served on Taiwan national development council’s open data committee and K-12 curriculum committee; and led the country’s first e-Rulemaking project. In the private sector, Audrey worked as a consultant with Apple on computational linguistics, with Oxford University Press on crowd lexicography, and with Socialtext on social interaction design. In the social sector, Audrey actively contributes to g0v (“gov zero”), a vibrant community focusing on creating tools for the civil society, with the call to “fork the government.”
President, Taiwan Creative Content Agency
Content Agency
CF HU, the first President of TAICCA, is an established author of 12 books, spanning from novels and essays to cultural critiques. Her latest novel, Islands (群島), was awarded the Taipei International Book Exhibition Award.
Having lived in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, and Paris, HU is known for her keen perspectives on globalization and cultural influence. HU never shies away from offering her view as ""the third person."" the one who is not obliged to established moral values.
Besides her literary career, HU also worked in the venture capital industry and global media groups. And in 2016, she was invited to direct Taiwan’s cultural hub in Hong Kong, Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre, and transformed Taiwan Month into a commercial success.
As TAICCA’s first President, HU is utilizing her global experience and business acumen to industrialize, internationalize, and integrate Taiwan’s cultural content sectors.
The pandemic has brought structural changes to the global industrial supply chain and significantly accelerated the development and transformation of location-based services. Digital transformations have offered business opportunities in various vertical markets to create a ubiquitous but customized lifestyle with all kinds of marketing strategies.
Tal Zvi Nathanel
CEO and Co-founder, Showfields
Did COVID Kill Retail?
"Tal Zvi Nathanel is the CEO and Co-founder of SHOWFIELDS - The most interesting store in the world. For nearly two decades, Tal has worked to create successful consumer products and activations through his skills in e-commerce, entrepreneurship and strategic partnerships. A serial entrepreneur and innovator at heart, Tal has co-founded several accomplished businesses, including Bluestone Group (which Live Nation acquired a majority stake in) and MyCheck (which was acquired by Shiji Group), and was included in Forbes list of the “Top Israeli Startups in New York.” When Tal isn’t creating new experiences for consumers to explore and shop from, he likes to spend time with his wife and slide down the SHOWFIELDS slide with his 4 children. "
Eric Fantone
Head of Studio, DVgroup
Virtual Entertainment Market: New Business Model Strategies
Eric started as a creative, financial and technical consultant in movie & videogame industries for companies like before opening his own service company for Asian and American producers. He coproduced several features, focusing on international projects, some selected at Cannes Film Festival and one for an Oscar. Eric also created an international media IP management company specialized in finding, developing and financing cross & trans media IPs for the TV & film industry. Enjoying more & more advances in new technologies, he joined forces with DVgroup in 2018 to develop their studio activities for the LBE markets and to produce original and licensed XR contents.
DV is an award-winning, independent, digital and XR innovation studio. It creates new narratives for striking immersive experiences, in which interactivity participates in triggering intense and complex emotions. Founded in 2011, DVgroup’s covers international digital campaigns as well as on-location installations. Thanks to its technological expertise and strong R&D, the studio has produced more than 200 projects and covers the whole production workflow in-house, from writing to deployment.
Liu Szu-Ming
Liu Szu-Ming is the president of HTC VIVE ORIGINALS, traversing the industries of pop music, film and television, media and virtual reality. In 2019, he directed the VR work INORI which was nominated by the 76th Venice Film Festival, and participated in the joint production of the VR animation Gloomy Eyes which was awarded at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and nominated at the 76th Venice Film Festival. In 2018, he produced the VR film 5x1, and invited Hou Hsiao-hsien and Liao Ching-song to act as executive producers. At the 76th Venice Film Festival, two out of five films of the project, O and Only the mountain remains, were nominated, and another film, The Making of, was selected by the “Out of Competition/Best Of VR” section.
During his term at TVBS as the director of the Programs Department, he supervised the production of several programs honored by the Golden Bell Awards, including Super Taste and The Way We Were. Other positions he held include the president of the Original Production Center of, a new media company and online VOD platform in China, as well as sitting on the jury of the Golden Melody Awards, and the Golden Bell Awards.
Yang Meng-Yin
Director of Kaohsiung Film Archive and Kaohsiung Film Festival
In 2017, Yang became director of the Kaohsiung Film Archive and Kaohsiung Film Festival, one of the biggest film festivals in Taiwan alongside the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Taipei Film Festival. The Kaohsiung Film Archive began funding and supporting the filming of VR projects in the same year. Works such as John Hsu’s Your Spiritual Temple Sucks, a collaboration with France titled Mechanical Souls and Afterimage for Tomorrow were screened at the renowned international film festivals. Yang’s team is also preparing to build Taiwan’s first VR theater at the Pier-2 Art Center in order to help promote future VR productions.
Chen Xinwen
Director of Content, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Dept. Store Co., Ltd.
Born in Taipei, Chen is an expert in integrating online and offline content. His works mostly include creating content such as writing, dubbing, translations, video productions, theater, etc. Chen was the producer of PTS, and the director of XinMedia’s video department. He was also the screenwriter of children’s theater such as China’s version of “Peppa Pig,” “My Little Pony,” and “Robocar Poli”. Chen is currently the director of content for Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Dept. Store.
Theater, as an ancient art form, has soared to new heights on the wings of technology, and is sharing an entirely new way of storytelling with a brand new audience. The future of storytelling-characterized by its highly vivid qualities—is slowly unfolding, as creators are incorporating audience interactions into their works.
Joris Mathieu
Director, Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Centre dramatique national de Lyon
Theatre Revolution: Future Performance
After getting a Master’s degree in Theatre Studies, Joris Mathieu founded the Haut et Court art collective in 1998. As passionate about literature as about visual arts, Joris Mathieu focuses on adapting novels or short stories, which gives him the opportunity to fully express himself as a stage director and author on stage. Over the years, Haut et Court’s artistic identity has grown stronger and clearer. The forms they create are unreservedly theatrical; interweaving images, literature, optical illusions, music, new technologies and traditional machinery, they appeal to all the viewer’s senses. Science fiction, scientific imagination and technological and stage innovation are among the powerful driving forces behind their creative research. Since January 2015, Joris Mathieu has become the director of the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Centre dramatique national de Lyon. The artistic project of the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – CDN de Lyon totally echoes with the project started back in 1998 with the Haut et Court collective, to investigate creation and poetry through intergenerational lens. Finding new ways into art for each and every generation, inventing new and innovative devices to reach out to audiences and in particular, the younger ones: this is the very heart of the CDN’s project.
Huang Yi
Founder & Artistic Director of Huang Yi Studio
Huang Yi is a Taiwanese dancer, choreographer, inventor and videographer. Named by Dance Magazine as one of the “25 to Watch,” Huang’s pioneering work is steeped in his fascination with the partnership between humans and robots. He interweaves continuous movements with mechanical and multimedia elements to create a form of dance which corresponds with the flow of data, effectively making the performer a dancing instrument. Huang’s groundbreaking and award-winning work, HUANG YI & KUKA, in which he performs alongside an industrial robot he programed, has opened the Arts Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria), TED Conference (Vancouver, Canada) and toured globally since 2015, including in Australia,the U.S., Switzerland and the UAE.
Huang Yi premiered Under the Horizon, a hybrid opera, in collaboration with Berlin-based Ryoichi Kurokawa and the Netherlands Chamber Choir in the Netherlands and Taiwan in 2018. His newest work, A Million Miles Away, premiered at Taiwan’s celebrated National Theater in February 2019.
Su Wen-Chi
Founder of YiLab.
Su Wen-Chi is a choreographer and new media artist who founded YiLab in 2005. The philosophy of YiLab is: There isn’t just one core intermediary concept in a piece, only concepts that appear similar but collide with one another. Every artist involved is an independent entity who has his or her own artistic trajectory, and can bring forth their view freely and undertake an in-depth exploration of the significance of the theme. Combining the concepts and forms of new media and performing arts, Su attempts to rethink the possibilities of performing arts from the perspective of new media, extending the controversy and reflection of contemporary art in the face of the impact of digital technology. She was the 2017 artist-in-residence at the National Theater and Concert Hall in Taipei, [email protected] and EMPAC. She won the Jury’s Special Award at the 9th Taishin Arts Award and Alternative Design Gold Award at the 2017 World Stage Design Award.
Siraya Pai
Theatre Critic
Siraya Pai is a freelance writer, translator, theatre critic and musician in Taiwan. Her recent writing focuses on the relation between theatre and music, text and translation, language and music, to list just a few. Siraya Pai received her B.A. in Literature from National Taiwan University and later received her M.A. in Theatre with the specialization in Musical Theater from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Her theatre-related publications include the Mandarin translation of To The Actor -- On the Technique of Acting by Michael Chekhov, Psychophysical Acting: An Intercultural Approach After Stanislavski by Phillip Zarrilli, Theatrical Public Sphere by Christopher B. Balme, and A Choreographer’s Handbook by Jonathan Burrows, while other performing arts-related articles and critiques can be found in ARTCO, Performing Arts Review, and ARTALKS.
As information becomes more accessible, cutting-edge art and technology combine to deliver deeper and stronger emotions to more and more people. Technological lexicon gradually melts in creative processes, and eventually permeates into digital art.
Wayne Ashley
Founder and Artistic Director, FuturePerfect Studio
Xander Seren
Co-Artistic Director, FuturePerfect Studio
Performance and Technology:Building Precarious Ecosystems
FuturePerfect is a transdisciplinary creative studio and research collective based in Brooklyn, New York. We create unique groundbreaking experiences across digital media, visual arts, live performance, and emerging technologies. FuturePerfect collaborate with clients to conceptualize, design, and realize complex projects. They consult with governments, organizations, artists, and brands to develop cultural strategies, programs, and specialized content. And we create our own projects that invite audiences to be at the center of exciting discoveries and creative risk. They are driven by a compulsive desire to bring people together who seem to occupy disparate histories, training systems, cultural backgrounds, and disciplinary fields. Performance as an organizing principle and artistic practice is central to our work, not always as an end, but often as a point of departure—a place from which we leave to other destinations. Wayne Ashley founded FuturePerfect in 2009 and serves as Artistic Director together with Co-Artistic Director Xander Seren.
Lin Kun-Ying
LuxuryLogico Co-Founder
Lin Kun-Ying is the co-founder and creative director of LuxuryLogico. As a cross-domain artist, cultural director and curator, he focuses on contemporary narrative, creative organization operation, art industry networking, and technology performance choreography, and actively participate in various cross-domain presentations of social co-creation. Lin served as the artistic director of the "2020 Nuit Blanche Taipei", "XXIX Summer Universiade " cultural program director and torch station art installation, “2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition: The Sound of Blooming” mechanical flower installation director, and "Tainan Arts Festival- Flowing Feast " program director. Lin was awarded the Creativity and Innovation Award of the Presidential Cultural Awards with LuxuryLogico.
Lin Pey-Chwen
Art Director of Lin Pey-Chwen Digital Arts Lab
Prof. Lin Pey-Chwen received a Doctor Degree of Creative Arts from University of Wollongong, Australia, and later served as the Chair of Graduate School of Multimedia and Animation Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts. As a pioneer of digital art in Taiwan, she wrote the first publication about Taiwanese digital art Taiwan Digital Art E-Files. Her works have been presented in many biennials and major museums internationally. In 2019, her digital audio and video installation, Making of Eve Clone I, was awarded the first prize in the category of New Media Art at the 2019 Florence Biennale in Italy, the honor first received by an Asian artist. She has continuously led the lab to participate in many digital art projects and exhibitions such as New Media Public Art for Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, Taipei Digital Art Festival, French Enghien-les-Bains Digital Art Festival, 404 International Technology and Art Festival, Italy Arte Laguna Prize and Siggraph Asia etc., and received awards and recognitions worldwide.
Gong Jow-Jiun
Associate Professor, Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory, TNNUA
"Born in 1966, Gong Jow-Jiun got his Ph.D. degree in National Taiwan University, department of philosophy in 1998. In 2006, he published Dispositif of the Body: Merleau-Ponty and the Limits of Phenomenology which won the Young Scholar Writing Prize of Academia Sinica in 2007. In the same year, he began to teach in the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory of Tainan National University of the Arts.

He started his curatorial work “Are We Working too Much?” in 2013 at Taipei Eslite Gallery. In 2014, he co-curated with Noubuo Takamori the 4th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition in Hongah Fine Art Museum “The Return of Ghosts” in Taipei. In 2017, he was the chief curator of “Kau-Puê, Mutual Companionship in Near Future: 2017 Soulangh International Contemporary Art Festival in Tainan City,” which won the first prize of Tai-Shin Annual Art Prize in 2018. In 2018, he was invited as the guest curator of “2018 Taiwan Biennial: Wild Rhizome” at the National Taiwan Fine Art Museum in Taichung. In 2019, he was invited as the chief curator of “Yao-Chi City: Taiwanese Paranormal Literature and Contemporary Art” at the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab in Taipei. "
5G, AI, and big data algorithms have brought the future into our present at pace. Culture and technology continually give one another new meanings, supplying new cultural developments with corresponding technological applications and products.
Paul Debevec
Google Research Team, Senior Staff Engineer
Light Fields, Light Stages, and the Future of Virtual Production
Paul is a Senior Staff Scientist in Google Research and an Adjunct Research Professor at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. Debevec’s research in photogrammetry, image-based modeling and rendering, high dynamic range photography, image-based lighting, appearance acquisition, facial scanning, and photoreal digital actors has been recognized with ACM SIGGRAPH’s first Significant New Researcher Award in 2001, a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award in 2010, the SMPTE Progress Medal in 2017, and a second Technical Academy Award in 2019. In 2002, he originated the technique of surrounding actors with real-world image-based LED lighting for virtual production. Techniques from his have been used to create key visual effects sequences in The Matrix, Spider-Man 2, Benjamin Button, Avatar, Furious 7, Blade Runner: 2049, The Irishman, Gemini Man, and to create a 3D Portrait of US President Barack Obama.
Chris Edwards
The Transformation in Production Pipeline Under COVID-19
For over a decade, Chris Edwards has been promoting the evolution and use of visualization in film, television and immersive media. Following early work as a layout artist and character animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation, he joined a team at Lucasfilm that would previsualize Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith from the “third floor” of George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch. The experience would lead him, in October 2004, to spearhead the founding of a dedicated previsualization studio in Los Angeles, named THE THIRD FLOOR.

The artist-led company has since become a global household name for visualization with a range of top credits few facilities can claim – from HBO’s Game of Thrones to Disney’s newest additions to the Star War Franchise including The Mandalorian, to an array of current and forthcoming entertainment in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow to notable theme park experiences worldwide. In 2009, Chris co-founded The Previsualization Society, a non-profit trade association for previs professionals. Chris is an active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Producers Guild of America, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, BAFTA LA, Television Academy, Themed Entertainment Association and the Visual Effects Society.
Norman Wang
CEO & Co-founder at Glassbox Technologies
Born in Taiwan, raised in Australia and now calling California home, Norman is a published computer vision author, former Ph.D researcher in the field of cognitive psychology, university lecturer, VR industry figure head and seasoned tech entrepreneur. Pioneering gaming technology in Virtual Production, utilizing Virtual and Augmented Reality by creating a framework for visualizing performances, environments, virtual collaboration, virtual location scouting and much more for real-time production.
Founded in 2016 by industry veterans, Glassbox designs next-generation software toolsets that enable content creators globally to harness the power of game engines and real-time, virtual production to create stunning, immersive content fast and efficiently for feature film, episodic TV, animation, games and Virtual Reality experiences. Aligned to the latest advances in Unreal Engine, Unity 3D and leading 2D and 3D CG software applications, and built in collaboration with innovative technology partners and major Hollywood studios, Glassbox’s tools are crafted and battle-tested on the front line of cutting-edge virtual production techniques to ensure the creation of complex virtual performances is as easy as live action filmmaking.
Lin Chia-Chi
Founder of MoonShine Animation
After Lin Chia-Chi graduated from SHU’s Digital Multimedia Arts, he stumbled into the world of animations. Lin is passionate about new technologies involved in filming, he hopes to take part in the revolution and transformation of Taiwan’s film industry, and continues to produce excellent work with technologies. MoonShine Animation was founded over seven years ago. With its core operations in animations, the team has expanded into gaming, VR, motion-sensing interactive games, projection and innovative film technology research. They’re also the host of the Dream Reality Immersive Theater, and participate in projects such as 4D REC Studio’s volumetric capture technology.
Kuo Chia-Chen
Division Director of Arts Technology Computing Division at NARLabs NCHC
Dr. Kuo Chia-Chen is the Division Director of Arts Technology Computing Division at NARLabs NCHC, a Jointly Appointed Professor at NCTU for Department of Computer Science, and the Director of ITRI Alumni Association. Her research interests include cloud computing, computer resource optimization, point cloud modeling algorithm, and popular science education.

In 2011, she led a team to develop the first cloud render farm in Taiwan, to support industry-university-research with open cloud public services for real-time rendering and point cloud solution. It provided technical support for 300 productions, and received great reviews from global companies like NVIDIA.

With the newly developed cloud technology that instantly connects and renders with mobile 4G, she collaborated with Huang Yi Studio+ on Glance, a project of robotic filming system with virtual and physical image rendering. The technology used in the project will be incorporated into Cloud Gate Theater’s dance for international showcases in 2021.
Chishan Sandra Liu
Head of Technical team, HTC VIVE ORIGINALS
Chishan Sandra Liu is a graduate of National Taiwan University and holds a M.F.A degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Sandra has accumulated valuable experience in visual effects while participating in well-acclaimed films such as Avatar, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Angels & Demons, The Golden Compass and Happy Feet.

In 2011, Sandra returned to Taiwan to join the start-up phase of TWR Entertainment, where she established visual effects department from ground-up and drove the development of visual effects industry in Taiwan. Her notable works in Taiwan include KANO, Dream Flight, Monster Hunt as well as The Tag-Along, which was nominated for a Golden Horse Award for Best Visual Effects in 2016.

Sandra has been invited as judging panel in numerous awards, as well as moderator or commentators in international forums. In 2020, Sandra has joined HTC VIVE ORIGINALS team, to bring her experience in animation and visual effects into the world of immersive VR creation.
Nov.19th Le Méridien Taipei 3F
This session we invite important global media and production companies to share experiences on international cooperation. They will help local companies to understand more about international market demands, and key factors in best-selling productions, international co-production teams and partnerships.
Ricky Ow
President, WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks – Asia Pacific
Ricky Ow is President of WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks and Sales, Asia Pacific.Based in Hong Kong, Mr. Ow has executive oversight of all the company’s entertainment networks, distribution of all networks, kids networks operations and advertising sales in the Asia Pacific region. Spanning 42 countries in 14 languages, WarnerMedia brands in Asia Pacific include Warner TV, Oh!K, Mondo TV, Mondo Mah-Jong TV, TABI Channel, Tabi Tele, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, POGO and Tuzki together with HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Hits, Cinemax and Red as well as the OTT service HBO Go, and two SVOD services HBO On Demand and 鼎级剧场 (Ding Ji Ju Chang). WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks and Sales is also responsible for the distribution of CNN International, HLN and BabyFirst in Asia.
Ow has vast experience in the region, including successes in launching and establishing channel brands both locally and regionally, local content production, as well as a deep understanding of sales and marketing. He is also the honorary Chairman of the Asian Academy Creative Awards in 2020, a role he has held since the inception of the Awards in 2018, He joined WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks (formerly Turner International), in January 2014 after a 14-year career at Sony Pictures, where he was Executive Vice President & General Manager for Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks Asia.
Prior to joining SPT, Mr. Ow held positions at SBC Enterprises (now Mediacorp Singapore), Asia Business News and CNBC."
Hannah Lee
Studio Dragon Chief Producer
Hannah Lee has experience in collaboration with global streaming services as the chief producer of the Netflix original series "My holo love", which was produced for the second time by Studio Dragon and released in 2020. In addition, she participated in the production of ‘Woman with a suitcase’ of Korean terrestrial channel MBC, ‘Psychopath Diary’, ‘Lawless Lawyer’ of cable channel tvN, and ‘Bad Guys Season 2’ of OCN.
She is currently planning various projects based on her experience in the highly competitive Korean drama market and cooperation with global media companies.
Christophe Bruncher
Ici et Là Productions / EAVE Producer / Ties That Bind Head of Studies
Here and there geographically as much as editorially, Paris based Ici et Là Productions develops, finances, produces and co-produces an eclectic line-up of original feature films for the international market, from experimental to larger audience driven films. Last released titles were PARIS PRESTIGE by Hamé & Ekoué (debut film from the hip hop band La Rumeur) and MR STEIN GOES ONLINE by Stéphane Robelin. CAT IN THE WALL, co-produced with Bulgaria and UK, premiered in the international competition of Locarno 2019.
The company is lastly diversifying in the development of drama series and animation feature.
Since 2008, we’ve been curating EAVE’s Asia-EU co-production program TIES THAT BIND.
In 2020, we’ve created a production services company in Paris, HIGHLIGHTS : a one stop shop for all Asian and international productions in Europe (
Homme Tsai
NMEA Taiwan New Media and Entertainment Association Chairman
Homme Tsai is the Chairman of Taiwan New Media and Entertainment Association (NMEA). NMEA is dedicated to promoting original creative content from Taiwan and forming consensus among members of the content industries in the face of competition from overseas content creators. NMEA is also committed to identifying and tackling wide-ranging challenges facing Taiwan’s content and new media industries as they continue to grow and flourish. Homme leads NMEA in creating a cross-industry incubation and business matching platform, serving as a sounding board for industry professionals, while working to connect resources across various entertainment-related industries.
This session invites Taiwanese producers and directors with successful global experiences, international OTT platforms based in Taiwan. They will discuss how local productions and platforms move toward cross-border collaborations.
Phil Tang
General Manager, Greener Grass Production Co., Ltd.
General Manager of Greener Grass Productions General Manager of Monomyth Films Columnist Teaching Professor at National Chengchi University Executive Producer and Producer of various television drama programmes Streetvoice Reviews Author Formerly the Deputy Director and Programme Manager at Hakka TV, Manager of Director’s Office, Assistant Manager of Drama Department, Coordinator for Cultural & Artistic Programs at Da Ai TV and also, possess experience as a producer, director and news reporter.
Chen Ho-yu
Chen holds a bachelor’s degree in drama and theater from National Taiwan University and a master’s degree in motion picture from National Taiwan University of Arts with a major in film directing. His first short film,The Busy Young Psychic, was named The Best Short Film in the Taipei Film Festival and went on to win multiple awards in the Golden Bell Awards and the Golden Horse Awards. In 2017, The Teenage Psychic, a TV mini-series jointly developed by Chen, HBO Asia, Taiwan’s Public Television Service (PTS), and Singaporean production company, InFocus Asia (IFA), set a new viewership record for productions of its kind in Asia. It was also HBO Asia’s first Chinese language original series.
Daphne Yang
Daphne joined CATCHPLAY in 2012 and oversees the full array of businesses which originally started from film distribution. Observing growing opportunities in the digital world, Daphne led CATCHPLAY to embark on its expansion into the digital content industry and launched the CATCHPLAY+ service in Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia in 2016. To date, CATCHPLAY+ has built a 6-million user base across Taiwan and South East Asia. Daphne has also extended the company’s reach upstream into co-production and financing. The recent years’ projects include Hollywood films The Revenant, Assassin’s Creed and Silence by Martin Scorsese. In 2019, CATCHPLAY ventured into the distribution of drama series with its first two projects, The World Between Us and The Making of An Ordinary Woman highly rated as the top two Mandarin-speaking shows of the year. In July 2020, Daphne established the company’s production subsidiary, SCREENWORKS ASIA. Jointly backed by Taiwan government’s National Development Fund, SCREENWORKS ASIA targets to produce 100 hours of premium content a year including films, mini-series and factual entertainment.
Jay Lin
Founder & CEO of GagaOOLala
Jay Lin is the founder of Portico Media, a media powerhouse in Taiwan distributing linear channels and programs of NBCU Comcast, A&E, Viacom CBS, and other global media brands. He is also the founder of HahaTai, one of the most popular social media channels in Taiwan as well as GagaOOLala, an OTT streaming service that became the first to go global in May 2020. Jay has been named by Newsweek as one of fifteen of the Best of Creative Class by Newsweek in 2019. He is a consultant to ITRI in media data collection and is a frequent speaker at various media and entertainment-related conferences.
Yu Pei-Hua
Director of Program Department, Public Television Service (PTS)
Over the decade in PTS, she’s worked on different genres from factual programs to drama. As a director of Programs department, she strives to locate Taiwan characteristics on international interests. In recent years, she’s been an active partner with international channels and platforms. The drama series like ‘On Children’ and ‘The World between Us’ have been huge success in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. Since its received popularity, Korean production company acquired the adaptation right of ‘The World between Us’. In 2019. Besides commercial partnership with digital platforms, she’s also worked with other public broadcasters internationally. ‘路~台湾エクスプレス~’ is a mini series from a fruitful collaborative result of NHK and PTS. It’s well received in both Japan and Taiwan.
This session invites companies co-invested by TAICCA to share their points of view on content investment, funding sources, sustainable business models, and production guidelines. They will also talk about some of the achievements in the past year.
Dennis Yang
Studio76 Managing Partner
Dennis Yang is the Founder and CEO of the Taiwan’s original content powerhouse, Studio76, which was founded in 2018. Dennis has more than 20 years of experience in the digital entertainment business and creative operations across Greater China and Asian markets. Studio76 is a joint investment from Taiwan’s KKBOX Group, MegaBank and Aashi Broadcast Group’s Dream Ventures from Japan. Studio76 demonstrates a new content business concept: raise and manage a regional content fund to develop “digital-first” Chinese original stories IP from Taiwan, produce the stories into streaming-oriented, genre-focused TV movies designated to OTT platforms in mini-series formats and to distribute to global digital and TV platforms.
Eva Liao
Angelic-Founder CEO
Angelic-Founder is a venture capital dedicated to the cultural and creative industries. Our objectives cover the five major area - filming, gaming, immersive experience, fashion design, and publishing content. By providing the initial capital for creators and helping gather more "Angel Investors" to join, we aim to maximize the funding of every creativity.
Shao-Yi Chen
Director, Content Production of Screenworks Asia
With BA degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from National Taiwan University and MA with Distinction in Film & Television Studies from The University of Warwick, Shao-Yi Chen works as Director of Content Production at SCREENWORKS ASIA, a joint venture with the government’s National Development Fund managed by TAICCA (Taiwan Creative Content Agency) to fuel the production of premium content, including films, series and shows from Taiwan targeting international markets. With 15-year-experience in entertainment business trained in various disciplines, Shao-Yi has comprehensive knowledge and successful practices from development, production, marketing, licensing, acquisition, financing to OTT platform service.
Vivian Hsieh
International Business Dept.&Marketing PR Dept. Senior Vice President of SET TV
Vivian has more than 20 years of experience in the media industry, engaging in a wide range of production, program acquisition and sales, channel operation, marketing and PR projects. In recent years, she has been in charge of content licensing and distribution, leading her team to export programs to Netflix and Viki while making SET TV the first Taiwanese company to market content to overseas streaming platforms. She has received the Ministry of Culture’s overseas program broadcast marketing grants multiple times and co-developed multiple projects with Taiwan’s television stations and OTT platforms.
Nov.20th Le Méridien Taipei 5F
In the age of immersive experiences, humans have gained new perspectives from which to view the Earth and understand the universe; we have never felt closer to the world than we do today. The VR/AR/MR ecosystem continuously stimulates imagination and action, expanding the horizons of immersive content and technologies, and embracing the endless possibilities of multisensory experiences.
Sandy Liu
Head of Engagement, Shape Immersive
Covid’s Acceleration of a Digital Life: Global opportunities for AR/VR Startups
Sandy is an experienced tech marketer with close to a decade of experience developing customer centric and data driven business & marketing strategies for start-ups, large businesses and nonprofits across the United States, Canada and Taiwan. Previously with Adobe in Silicon Valley as a Product Marketer, she was also a founding team member of TBWA Taiwan, a top global ad agency, where she helped establish the digital marketing department. With a deep interest in arts and culture, Sandy ran a consultancy focused on integrating immersive tech to cultural experiences. She now serves as the Head of Engagement for Shape Immersive, a full-service XR agency that creates the value layer of spatial computing for the world’s top brands and enterprises. Her team also serves as a leading voice in the British Columbia’s VR/AR ecosystem with their work in the Vancouver VR/AR Association, the VR/AR hub at Launch Academy, and AWE Nite Vancouver. Sandy holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.
Kati Price
Head of Digital Media, V&A
Bringing collections to life through immersive technology
Kati heads up digital media and publishing at the Victoria and Albert Museum, managing a team that works in technology, design and content. She’s responsible for the brand and user experience of the V&A’s digital estate and oversees content commissioning and production across digital and print.
  Since graduating from the V&A/Royal College of Art history of design Masters programme, Kati has specialised in content and communications, with experience in brand, PR, marketing and digital media. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with a number of design-led organisations, from non-profits like the Design Council and design charity the Sorrell Foundation, to high-end retailers SCP and Vitsoe. Passionate about user-centred design, content and the digital realm, Kati has worked on award winning digital products and services, is a mentor and coach and regularly speaks at international conferences. 
Celina Yeh
Acting Director, VIVE Arts
Celina is the Acting Director of VIVE Arts at HTC, a global program that uses the latest technology to transform the way culture is experienced, fostering digital innovation. Graduated from Ravensbourne University London with a BA degree in Furniture and Product Design, Celina has worked in cultural organizations and design consultancies in London, New York and Taipei, overseeing exhibition, art, and cultural program, branding, and product design projects globally. Based on her years of experiences in the creative industry, she is now in charge of VIVE Arts’ partnership with leading museums, cultural institutions, and artists globally, as well as overseeing major projects at institutions including The Louvre, The V&A and Art Basel in Hong Kong.
James Jin-Wei Lee
Founder of J-reach co. ltd (TripMoment)
James Jin-Wei Lee holds a masters degree in engineering from the University of Southern California. He founded J-reach co. Itd in 2013 and began incorporating VR technologies in 2015, eventually releasing the now renowned “Follow Me” 360-degree VR travel tour videos. Soon after, James created the virtual reality content brand VRMoment. He has helped recognized clients such as 7-Eleven, Shopee and others bring VR into their commercial marketing activities. In 2018, J-reach co. Itd established the world’s first offline VR travel-themed amusement park, creating a model for offline travel and entertainment brands. In 2020, J-reach co. Itd plans to launch new VR travel experience and VR hotel booking platforms, with support for Oculus, allowing consumers to still enjoy the pleasures of traveling through VR in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Jason Wang
Co-founder, VAR LIVE
VAR LIVE co-founder Jason Wang is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in five start-ups in his 27 years in game development. Jason stepped into the gaming industry in 1995, experiencing PC games in the MS-DOS era, as well as massive-multiplayer online games and mobile games. In 2013, he started working in the field of VR entertainment, establishing Taiwan’s very first offline virtual reality experience space, before moving on to large-scale theme park creation. Jason extended VR applications into the fields of professional simulation training and large-dimension multi-user simulation systems. VAR LIVE now has 22 VR entertainment branches across the globe and five large-scale VR content theme parks. It also branched into hardware development with its VAR BOX e-sport devices, more than 600 of which have already been set up in six countries. VAR LIVE officially entered the field of VR e-sport and now combines both hardware and software development, as well as competition hosting and business development.
Grace Lee
Head of Content, Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB
Hosting VR FILM LAB project at Kaohsiung Film Archive, award-winning producer Grace has been working in XR field since 2018. Including coproducing VR content internationally, programming XR section for Kaohsiung Film Festival, she has maintained connections with international film festivals including Venice, Tribeca, Newimages and many XR related institution.
In this immersive world, sound makes us feel present. As film and audiovisual experiences become more advanced, and musical performance undergoes its own evolution, sound has become more profound. Live streams ride a wave of the internet, bringing cities, fans and artists into the cloud, immersing them in a world of surround sound.
Benoit Carré
Artist, SKYGGE
New sounds, new harmonies : the creative potential of artificial intelligence
Benoit Carré a.k.a SKYGGE is at the vanguard of musicians who are attempting to unlock the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence. With his 2018 album Hello World, SKYGGE became among the first artists in the world to produce pop music using the technology. He laid the foundations for a new approach to music creation using artificial intelligence, working alongside researchers to develop A.I. tools dedicated to enhance human creativity. In 2015, he joined the Flow Machines research project at Sony CSL before joining Spotify CTRL in 2018. In 2019, he released his second album American Folk Songs, 5 a cappella songs, which he orchestrated with the help of a harmonization prototype developed by Spotify. He recently performed at Rich Mix (London) and Digital Choc Festival (Tokyo). In 2021, he will release a new musical project exploring uncanny emotions through several A.I. technologies and prototypes.
Tom Scalabre
Partner & Creative Director at SUPERBIEN
Using Music Visual Representation to Create Immersive Experiences
Very early on, Tom develops his feeling for arts and his taste for challenges by joining a street art and graffiti crew in Paris. Soon, he becomes their cameraman and film editor and a bit later, while studying journalism, he develops his skills for narration and aestheticism by making videos clips and short movies for television. Self-taught man, he works in communication agencies in luxury sector, but it’s in Shanghai he discovers his passion for the event industry and live entertainment. When he comes back in Paris (1 year after), he joins Superbien and from this moment commits himself to better combine content and form, for more creativity, and while defying technical and technological limits. Now one of Superbien’ partners, he runs the office based in New York.
Derek Barbolla
CEO/ Founder,Cercle
In what way did live-streaming become a mean of expression for electronic music under the new COVID reality?
Derek Barbolla is founder of Cercle, a live-stream platform producing and broadcasting shows from unexpected and carefully selected venues. For four years, Cercle has put out a bi-monthly show promoting landmarks, cultural heritage sites and landscapes by combining two types of art: electronic music and video. Examples include Solomun in the Ancient Theatre of Orange, Carl Cox in Chambord’s Castle, Stephan Bodzin on top of Piz Gloria and many more. Cercle’s values lie in democratizing culture and raising awareness about artists and culturally significant or natural venues. Featuring highly aesthetic shots and stunning programs, Cercle continually strives to create the best stories for its artists and venues. Audiences watching online or in person are invited to immerse themselves in this new world every week.
Thomas Quenoil
Head of Partnership for Asia, Midem
Covid-19 has accelerated the trends shaking the music industry towards an artist-centric ecosystem
Thomas Quenoil joined MIDEM in January 2019 as Head of Partnership & Business Development, responsible for Central, Northern & Eastern Europe. Since June 2020 he also oversees Asian markets.
Based in Berlin, he is in charge of developing strong relationships with the fast evolving music industry and its partners. His mission is to bring together the actors of the music ecosystem, enabling the buildup of the Global Music Community. After starting at Sony Music as Project Manager, Thomas built his career during 12 years within Universal Music France, leading to the position of Digital Accounts Director. Thomas holds a master degree from the IPAG Business School Paris, with a Marketing specialization.
Fisher Tai
Executive Secretary, Taiwan AI Labs
Fisher Tai is the Executive Secretary of Taiwan AI Labs. He loves exploring different cultures and spent five years doing so while admiring the ocean from New York to the Caribbeans. Taiwan AI Labs’ project “YaTing Live Music” incorporates A.I. technologies in music. It finds heart and soul through A.I. by learning the styles and emotions of different composers, combining them into new creations. In the post-pandemic world, we have seen the emergence of virtual concerts and environments. We look forward to seeing A.I. collaborating with the arts and music industries to develop new ways to perform arts.
Feng Chien-Chang
Founder and Visual Creative Director, FREE’S
Feng Chien-Chang works as stage and space designer/visual creative director/curator. Born and raised in Taoyuan, Feng has been engaged in pop music concerts for more than 20 years and has experience of hundreds of concert stage design. In 2006, he founded FREE’S, the first concert stage design team in Asia and has been responsible for many large-scale awards ceremonies across Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. He has designed concert stages for well-known singers, including A-Mei, MayDay, Jam Hsiao, Sodagreen, Cheer Chen, and S.H.E.
In recent years, he devotes himself to large-scale public art creative integration, employing VR and AR techniques with his stage design expertise to connect music, art, and technology. His works have appeared at public events such as Taipei Lantern Festival and Christmasland in New Taipei City.
Elsa Ke
Senior Manager, KKBOX Content Innovation Div.Content Director, KKNOW
Elsa holds a MA degree in Music Business Management from the University of Westminster. She has been working in and observing the Mandarin music industry for many years, contributing as a judge for the Golden Melody Awards, Golden Indie Music Awards and Golden Bell Awards. Elsa was also the executive producer of the KKBOX music magazine.
Tree Chen
Director of the StreetVoice
Tree Chen has been a judge for several Golden Melody Awards(GMA) and Golden Indie Music Awards(GIMA), and was the executive producer of the 9th GIMA Panels. He is the presenter of Taiwan Route 3 in season two of “Island Roads,” the executive producer of the panel series “Livehouse Talks,” and the executive producer of 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan On Line Radio. Tree’s first rock and roll fiction was “1982”. He also wrote a musical prose called “What Does It Have To Do With Radiohead?”
Tree is currently a music critic for The Big Issue magazine, the director of music channel StreetVoice, and executive producer of the event series The Next Big Thing. In addition, he also hosts “StreetVoice-ing” @UFO Radio every Saturday at 3pm, and the “Road to All Senses” podcast @SoundOn.
In the post-pandemic era, the development of streaming services will accelerate more than ever, and YouTube will become the latest medium for global content production. Together we will be looking at leading YouTube channels and contact markets. We will learn about the type of content that is truly able to attract the attention of a global audience.
Sandy Chen
Head of YouTube Large Partnerships, GCN at Google YouTube
Meeting International Viewers on YouTube: International Content Market Observation
Sandy Chen is head of YouTube Large Partnerships at Google. She enjoys backpacking and new life experiences. Sandy has over 15 years of experience working with consumer products marketing, media and start-ups. Her clients and partners include content creators in the Greater China region, and she devotes herself to showing the world more incredible content. Sandy is also an advocate for citizen digital literacy, media literacy, online safety for children and more. Before joining YouTube, Sandy was a sales head for Branding clients at Google Taiwan, helping advertisers with digital transformation with brand marketing solutions.
Rob Chuang
Research Manager at Google Google
YouTube Video Trends: Audience viewing behaviors and Globalization Opportunities of Taiwan video contents
Rob Chuang is a Research Manager in the Greater China region at Google with nearly eight years of experience in consumer research. He devotes his energy to drawing up short-, medium- and long-term marketing strategies using the power of data insights. Rob provides advertisers with the latest consumer insight and strategies for industry development in the Greater China region. Together with the Google sales team, Rob provides advertisers with concrete solutions to their marketing plans. Before joining Google, Rob was the Project Manager at Ipsos Taiwan, and offered insights and strategies to clients in the fields of international consumer electronics, fast moving consumer goods and media.