Through the body


The main theme of the production focuses on director Huang Hsin-Chien’s VR work in 2019, the Bodyless. In 2020, we began to transfer the content to other media forms while having it adapted and extended.
“Through the Body” takes a piece of the local history as the starting point; the background of the story dates back to the infamous “White Terror” period, a time when Taiwan was under martial law. The plot is meant to discuss the conflict between local and colonial powers in politics. By taking a giant leap across times, “Through the Body” takes the audience back to the state of oppression as we see in the modern age, then turns it into a surreal storyline.

The audience could walk directly into the immersive theater to experience it. To avoid unexpected dizziness and discomfort, it is recommended that you can choose a rear-row seat/location. But if you want to experience the most immersive experience, you can choose a front-row seat/location to watch.

Virtual and Physical Media Integration Development Association of Taiwan
“Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan” (VPAT) was founded in 2017. The association gathered a group of talented minds, including new media creators, scholars, and software/hardware providers. Our goal is to research and develop the cross-field creations based on digital technologies, such as virtual and real projection integration, VR/AR/XR, live computer imaging, large interactive devices and electronic control, and so on. Our works center around professional applications for exhibitions, events, performing arts, concerts, and television production.