Rhythm with U

2020 is in rapid changes with resource exhaustion and global warming. The concept of epidemic prevention has changed the social distance between people. In the meanwhile, the technological wave leads to a boundless future by applying big data and artificial intelligence, as well as fostered ideological innovation. We are entering a new era that allows us to travel through time and space at different periods and places simultaneously because of the advancement of technology.

How could we reflect on our hearts through the wave of technology? This work invites people to enter a mysterious, peaceful theater fulling of burst energy when they are in the chaotic Xinyi district. When people pass through the door, they can meditate, practice, play drum with U’s performers, and experience the soul of heaven and earth and the power of the mountain. We will synchronize all phenomena between onsite and the theater. Please come with us to feel nature and technology.

‘U’, an ancient Chinese Term for the ‘Performer’ ‘Shen’, the True Calmness Deep Inside the Heart U –Theatre(‘U-Ren-Shen-Gu’) ─ Drumming in One’s Inner Tranquility Thousand years ago, the Chinese Zen Masters had revealed that a true artist must combine ‘Tao’- ‘life’s discipline’’ with ‘Art’ – ‘practice of living art’ together as one.
The philosophy of ‘Tao and Art as One’ is U-Performers’ goal of creation and life.

In 1988, a community full of Zen atmosphere was setup in the forest hill in Laochuan Village, Mu-Zha. The founder of ‘U-Theatre’, Liu Ruo-Yu carried on world famous Polish theatre master Grotowski’s training in the forest and set her theatre here. Her purpose was to cultivate the performers’ organic energy in body and self-witness. In 1993, as Huang Chih-Chun joined, U-Theatre had started to practice meditation first, followed by Huang’s drumming skills training method until now. The advantages of such training has been proved by U-Performers’ several famous drumming performances.
The combination of Grotowski’s body training, the oriental martial arts, drumming, meditation, Tai-Chi, austere lifestyle, as well as music, drama, literature, dance and rituals, has made ‘U-Theatre’ one of the most unique and outstanding performing groups in Taiwan. U-Theatre has been highly recognized in the international performing arts field, and been honorably invited to perform at world’s remarkable festivals.