Let Bai Jing take your temperature

During the epidemic prevention period, it is normal to see an unmanned temperature monitor designed and settled at the entrance of building on many occasions. Based on "DISEASE personification," the popular project of the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. The personified character "Bai Jing” was integrated and designed to reconnect with temperature monitor by the latest naked-view 3D screen technology. It is a brilliant implementation that integrated the effect of epidemic prevention, IP, creativity, and technology.

Taiwan Comic Base
"Taiwan Comic Base" is situated within Taipei City’s Huaying Street and operated by the Taiwan Creative Content Agency. Its most important mission is to serve as an incubator for future Taiwanese comics. It is not only the home of comic artist, but also the center of nuturing comic artists, matching industry and commerce, and promoting cross-industry alliance. The 1st floor is the Base Bookstore selling Taiwan’s comic books.