anpu-An ode to Moss:Musical Wander


This production is the world′s first music immersive experience that combines virtual reality and somatosensory device. It illustrates singer anpu′s latest creation and realizes the immersive and physical experience of "listen to music with your body", allowing neurons to travel on notes. The experiencers can roam in anpu’s musical mind, travel through the sun, stonehenge and other natural illusions from a surreal perspective. Wandering, floating and soaring...

VIVE ORIGINALS/Hi-Organic/Brogent Global Inc.
"VIVE ORIGINALS is dedicated to IP development and original content’s production and distribution. Its projects have been selected by Venice Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW and more.

Hi-Organic works cover VR, film, animation, VFX, art and design. They have been shortlisted for the Golden Horse and Golden Melody Awards, and have had exceptional performance in major international competitions in recent years.

Brogent Global Inc. dedicates to media production and licensing, concept/theme planning, operation managing, and integrating the latest motion platform and interactive technologies. Our architectural and interior design could be customized based on the client’s operating target."