Sounds like Wonderland KTVR


The prototype development will bring a transformative change to the KTV industry and become a new business model for digital services. It integrates VR equipment, virtual reality, soundstage design, 3D animation, real-time connectivity and other technologies to create an immersive VR experience that will make the KTV room as if customers were on the stage singing with their favorite singers and bands, providing an optimal entertainment experience.

Combining SteamVR with the VIVE controller and headset’s 360˚ accurate tracking technology, realistic picture quality, immersive sound and haptic feedback system, it’s like singing live at a concert.

Step 1: The user wears a VR headset, a handlebar, and a microphone.
Step 2:Sing along with the subtitles.
Step 3: Use the VR interactive handgrip to change the scene and special effects. Move your feet and feel the sound of different instruments around you.

Fig Creative Studio
FIG′s smooth style is based on careful observation of life, humorous expressions, imagination, and spatial arrangement. In addition to character-based action, its storytelling capabilities make it an ardent confectioner of the animation industry.