Great Hoax : The Moon Landing


An interactive VR comedy about Taiwanese faking a moon-landing, in which you play the first Taiwanese astronaut on the moon. Follow instructions from the director to give your most heroic performance…until you watch the finished video and realize how outrageous it has become.

“Great Hoax: The Moon Landing” is a 6DOF room-scale interactive VR experience that is shown in 5 scenes. The whole experience is a 360 animation with real time motion tracking where the users movements are recorded and played back.

You role play as a little-known actor, cast as an astronaut to help the government and a certain (in)famous director to fake a Taiwanese moon landing video. In each scene, you gradually learn how to follow instructions from the director to give your most heroic performance, completing tasks on the (fake) moon...until you watch the finished video and realize how outrageous it has become.

Public Television Service Foundation (PTS)/Kaohsiung Film Archive/Serendipity/3DAR
Public Television Service Foundation (PTS)
Public Television Service Foundation (PTS) aims to produce high-quality content with diversified perspectives, and is committed to promoting the vibrancy of civil society, enriching cultural essence as well as expanding international cultural exchanges. PTS belongs to all citizens and serves only for public interest instead of government or political parties. As a non-profit organization, PTS also keeps itself away from any influence exerted by commercial or interest groups.

Kaohsiung Film Archive
With the mission of encouraging creators to expand the boundary of storytelling, Kaohsiung Film Archive launched Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB, a comprehensive VR creation incubating program. Which has funded over 16 original VR projects, many of them have got nominated by iconic inter-natinal film festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, Venice and more. This year, uprising creators with different backgrounds and fascinating topics portrayed an unique linguistic sight and the quest for the diverse appearance of life.

Serendipity Films is a production company based in Taipei, Taiwan. Focusing on trans-media storytelling and with expertise in films, web/television series, virtual reality (VR) production. The company goal is to develop productions that can connect to the modern society and engage audiences, and work to bring our vision of storytelling to the world.

3dar is an award winning studio specialized in content creation, 3D animation. Our productions are made by accomplished live- action directors, with experience in art, design, character animation, visual effects, and photography. 3DAR is the creator of the award winning VR series Gloomy Eyes, that has screened at major festivals like Sundance and Venice.