《Taiwanese Monster Fruit》Motion Sensing Game


1. 《Taiwanese Monster Fruit》Motion Sensing Game
Fun and sporty! Combining motion control and card collection. Using the Public Television Service Foundation (PTS) original animation of Taiwan as a theme game for children in Taiwan. This game lets you become the cute little monster in 「Monster Fruit School」and experience a fantasy adventure. Let’s find out who will be the perfect monster!

2. Monster Fruit School - Chubby’s Training Camp
Here comes the cute little instructor - Chubby! What kinds of training will he provide this time? A VR game for everyone. Easy to play and easy to understand. Make your first time VR experience memorable and fun!

This game lets you become the cute little monster in 「Monster Fruit School」and move your body to experience a fantasy adventure.

Public Television Service Foundation (PTS)
Public Television Service Foundation (PTS) aims to produce high-quality content with diversified perspectives, and is committed to promoting the vibrancy of civil society, enriching cultural essence as well as expanding international cultural exchanges. PTS belongs to all citizens and serves only for public interest instead of government or political parties. As a non-profit organization, PTS also keeps itself away from any influence exerted by commercial or interest groups.

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