Tomoe’s Memories of Koumeya


Based on real historical data, the author Qingshui carefully studied the Taiwan food culture in Japanese era and transformed the data into the comic book” Tomoe’s Memories of Koumeya.” He not only recreated sight of historical city, but also reproduced image of delicious food. By using the technique of AR including the positioning mechanism and space detecting, the main character, Tomoe, represented in front of user. When she serves the user, she can describe the making of dessert and the plot of comics. Users will not only learn more knowledge of Taiwan’s dessert in Japanese era, but also immerse themselves in the 1920 century’s nostalgia atmosphere.

Taiwan Comic Base
"Taiwan Comic Base" is situated within Taipei City’s Huaying Street and operated by the Taiwan Creative Content Agency. Its most important mission is to serve as an incubator for future Taiwanese comics. It is not only the home of comic artist, but also the center of nuturing comic artists, matching industry and commerce, and promoting cross-industry alliance. The 1st floor is the Base Bookstore selling Taiwan’s comic books.