Discovering the 5K Years of Taiwan


Under the high-tech companies in Southern Tainan Science Park, have been discovered many important cultural relics of the past five thousand years of Taiwan. Cooperated with Museum of Archaeology, Tainan Branch of NMP, we have produced this VR interactive content, entitled “Taiwan First Dog VR”. Users are allowed to excavate and document cultural relics in the test pit, and go back five thousand years ago to experience the daily activities of ancestors collecting clamshells and hunting animals during the Dapenkeng culture period. Users can learn the knowledge of archaeological relics and the related cultural contents through immersive VR interactive experience.

Tainan National University of the Arts Cultural Heritage Research and Innovation Center
Tainan National University of the Art is a university committed to creating a learning environment for enhancing aesthetic education, inspiring creativity and integrating art into life. In order to promote the link between academic research and cultural assets, the university-level Center for Research and Innovation on Cultural Assets was established to cultivate cross-disciplinary professionals and to utilize advanced technologies to vitalize cultural assets.