A political prisoner becoming a ghost returned to the living world to visit his family, but found out that the house is empty. An ominous force deteriorates the spiritual world and reduces human forms and memory into simple geometrical shapes.

In response to the epidemic prevention policy, please cooperate with staff instructions and wear VR discarded eye masks before wearing VR headset. In some active interacting scenes, the audience can move with the controllers. If you do not feel well during screenings, please take off your headset and raise your hand immediately. Our staff will provide assistance.

Virtual and Physical Media Integration Development Association of Taiwan
“Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan” (VPAT) was founded in 2017. The association gathered a group of talented minds, including new media creators, scholars, and software/hardware providers. Our goal is to research and develop the cross-field creations based on digital technologies, such as virtual and real projection integration, VR/AR/XR, live computer imaging, large interactive devices and electronic control, and so on. Our works center around professional applications for exhibitions, events, performing arts, concerts, and television production.