Future Vision Lab


The experimental projects of FUTURE VISION LAB presented in the Dome involve super high-resolution images and open exhibition platform to create a fully immersive experiential space, generated through artificial intelligence and images, with derived art and a high-speed computing platform to initiate a vision for visual experimentation and innovation. They have developed 360-degree panoramic works and fully immersive 8K image spaces to showcase experimental and innovative visual effects live and free of charge.

Video length is about 5 minutes, MAX 3 people at one time. Audience will be sitting on a cushion during the screening/performance. No wearable devices are required.

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)
The Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) established the Technology Media Platform which emphasizes “innovative media experimentation” and “social connections”. As an organic laboratory, collaboration across fields and disciplines is encouraged to create an environment for cultural and technological co-creation. The first project to be promoted is FUTURE VISION LAB, which features integrated cultural and technological experimental exhibitions and performances. The goal is to explore the visual limits of technology media. With sound and image algorithms, creative works and integration of hardware and software, an attempt is made to outline a vision for the cross-disciplinary development of visual effects.