Future Content Experience Zone

〈Explore Dimensions in Taiwan’s Creative Content〉
Future Content Experience Zone is a significant exhibition to display the contemporary creative content of Taiwan in TCCF. Under the theme, Human Touch - A Closer Future, components interweave to create immersive spaces and respond to the post COVID-19 world.

It is divided into four quadrants to illustrate the contemporary creative content of Taiwan. The 1st quadrant, Brain Field, exhibits creative and through-provoking content. The 2nd quadrant, Limb Area, exhibits technologies that extend creativity. The 3rd quadrant, Sense Space, exhibits immersive and cross-border creative content. The 4th quadrant, XR Future, creates and simulates a whole new online TCCF venue in parallel time and space. This is the first time to build a virtual event in the XR world in Taiwan.
Going through the exhibition, visitors will have an overview of creative content in Taiwan.

Future Content Experience Zone
Exhibition date:Nov.18 WED-Nov.22 SUN
Exhibition time:
【Nov.19 - Nov.21】1200-2100
Exhibition venue:SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI A11-6F Legacy Max
* Visitors must follow COVID-19 measures and register in advance.
** Some immersive or interactive exhibits require registrations in advance.