Taiwan HYPE

What is the future of industries in Taiwan?

How can new generations and corporations integrate to innovate? How can we share such a promising future with the world?
SXSW 2020 Taiwan Pavilion is curated by Johnason Lo from JL DESIGN, with ""Taiwan HYPE"" as the theme, bringing together Taiwan’s competitive manufacturers and creative industries. Technology upgrades and creators across categories facilitate conversations between tech and creative culture. These hybrids form brand new organisms in future industries.

Taiwan HYPE gathers experts in architectural design, green technology, industrial design, theatrical art, garden art, digital production, new media art, digital technology, smart agriculture, information technology, illustrations and music. 37 teams dig deep into properties on the island, its lives, and its culture, allowing for experimentation with different mediums and creative ideas. Our new generation in Taiwan should be bold, creative, ambitious, and speak out who we are.

- Curator of Taiwan HYPE Johnason Lo

Exhibition date:Nov.17 TUE-Nov.21 SAT
Exhibition time:1000-2100
Exhibition venue:VIESHOW Square