About Conference

Taiwan’s cultural content is on the rise in 2020 at a time when the entire world is facing challenges. New ways of storytelling, new creative ideas and a new mode of content consumption are all beginning to take shape. TCCF International Conference debuts for the first time this year, bringing an interdisciplinary conference which will break barriers, as well as a series of stimulating conversations which will help transform crises into opportunities, pushing Taiwan’s content industry beyond imagination.

To discuss content of the future, an international and interdisciplinary panel will explore possibilities in new content styles, from diverse performance venues and digital art to the algorithms behind special effects. Humanity will be at the core of this technological contemplation. To look at trade, experts will be taking a macro view of the global market and debating the most relevant of real-world topics. Our speakers will discuss current market trends, co-productions and investment, boosting Taiwan’s potential to become one of the world’s key content markets.

Since its inception, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency, TAICCA, has helped the cultural content industry onto the international stage and developed “Taiwan” as a brand. The opportunities that come with connecting to the international community have allowed Taiwan’s already rich and creative content to be seen by a wider audience. In the post-pandemic era, when people will be relying on content to connect with each other more than ever before, how we deliver the warmth of humanity through storytelling, and how we forge new pathways through diverse content and all new ways of presentation, while ensuring the continued industrialization, internationalization and integration of Taiwan’s cultural content, are all key topics we have invited our speakers to discuss at this first ever TCCF International Conference.

Nov.18th Le Méridien Taipei 2F
Nov.19th Le Méridien Taipei 3F
Nov.20th Le Méridien Taipei 5F

*Visitors must follow COVID-19 measures and register in advance.